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When God says YES…

My vocation story started at an early age when I became acquainted with a Holy Cross Sister who worked at the hospital where my mother worked.  Sister even gave me a small veil which I sometimes wore at home pretending to be a Sister.

The desire to become a Sister was rekindled when I was in eighth grade.  I saw a vocation brochure for the Sisters of the Holy Spirit on the notice board of my parish church.  As I read it, I remember feeling without a doubt that this was MY congregation.  I began communicating with the Sisters and attended my first “Come and See.”  Two years later, when I finished high school, with the approval of my mother, I entered with the Sisters to begin my formation in Mongu.

After First Vows I began college to train as a secondary school teacher. Five years later, with great joy, I made my Perpetual Profession in the presence of my family and many relative and friends.

In Jeremiah we read “I called you before you were born, in your mother’s womb I anointed you.”  God said “YES” and it was a yes with which I resonated, even before I was born.  I am grateful that when God called I received the grace to say a resounding YES to that call.

My blessings and joy of being a Holy Spirit Sister are overflowing.  I have been able to reach out to my own Zambian people who are living on the margins of society.  I continue to live that YES that God and I  together chose.  I say to young people who are searching, if you feel that call deep in your heart every so often, simply say “YES” and begin to live your life fully.

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